Alitalia: summer flights in 2021 from Rome to 9 Greek islands and from Milan to Rhodes

Alitalia is choosing Greece airports this summer and will operate seasonal flights, connecting Rome’s Fiumicino airport with the airports of Rhodes, Heraklion airport (Crete), Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Mykonos, Mykonos, Santorini, Skiathos, and Preveza (Lefkada), as well as Milan’s Linate airport with Rhodes and vice versa.

In detail, Alitalia will operate flights from Rome Fiumicino airport to Rhodes airport from 03 July to 05 September (2 weekly flights in July and 4 weekly flights in August), 2 weekly flights to Heraklion (from 01 July to 31 August), Corfu (from 03 August to 31 August), Kefalonia (from 03 August to 31 August), Zakynthos (from 03 July to 30 August), Mykonos (from 02 July to 31 August), Santorini (from 02 August to 30 August), Skiathos (from 02 August to 30 August) and Preveza (from 02 August to 30 August). Alitalia will also connect Milan Linate airport with Rhodes twice a week from 03 July to 05 September.

According to a statement, safe travel has always been Alitalia’s priority. In accordance with current Italian and International regulations, all Alitalia aircraft are disinfected daily with high disinfectant products and thanks to HEPA filters and vertical air circulation, the air on board is not only renewed every three minutes, but is 99.7% clean, as in a sterile room, confirming that air travel remains the safest way to travel. Also, passengers should wear a protective surgical mask from the moment they arrive at the airport and during the flight. The protective surgical mask should be replaced with a new one every 4 hours, in the case of longer flights.

Please note that the flight schedule may be subject to changes due to travel restrictions imposed by national and international authorities in relation to the development of the pandemic.

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