Are you looking for parking at Barcelona airport?

Are you looking for parking at Barcelona airport? Here we show you the best solution

If it is already difficult to travel on the Covid-19, let’s now add up the basic expenses of any trip: destination, accommodation, food, transport, places to visit without the possibility of catching the bug… Almost all of them are controlled, but when the desire to travel is not directly proportional to future expenses? We all know the answer: “Next year if that’s the case”; or the most universal answer: “When I win the lottery”.

However, if you are one of those people who already have a master’s degree in masks and plan to travel from Barcelona to El Prat, where leaving the car at the airport during the holidays will not be a problem. Companies like Parkos help you find, compare and reserve a parking space next to the airport of Barcelona-El Prat itself at a great price.

All the car parks at your disposal save time on transfers, picking up passengers and unnecessary kilometers. At Parkos they value the comfort and time of the client, and work to ensure that users can benefit from the best car parks.

Although parking is low cost, it does not mean that it is of poor quality, in the case of long-term parking the experience of many users confirms that they are repeaters. Being a company that acts as a bridge between others, its suppliers are only trusted and guarantee the quality/price ratio, being a VIP parking lot at a low cost.

The services are more than exceptional. Among others, the parking shuttle service (or lanzandera) by which the vehicle is parked in the same car park and from there the shuttle vehicles will transfer you, free of charge, to the airport.

Leaving the car without complications while you enjoy your holidays is a peace of mind that the Parkos company offers. Whether it’s a two-door, family car park or one that specialises in people with reduced mobility, the car park adapts to the user. Unlike others, the security measures of each car park are available to users, not only 24 hours a day, but they also carry out inspections in all their partner car parks so that you can rest assured that your vehicle is sleeping peacefully.

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