Dubai Airport Taxi

Dubai Airport Taxi

About Dubai Airport Taxis

In the UAE, the government generally has a monopoly and grants licenses to Dubai Airport taxi companies, with the result that the fare is about the same for all regardless of the privileges they may advertise.

All companies have vehicles in cream color with the distinctive taxi sign on their roof while each of them has a different, characteristic color on the roof of each car. You will find that most vehicles have additional billboards on their doors.

Taxi fare from Dubai airport to the city center

The largest percentage of the fare is predetermined by the government and therefore, prices do not differ significantly from company to company. Thus, you can calculate 7 € for the initial airport fare, 0.45 € / km distance charge and 0.15 € / km waiting cost. The total price for the Burj Khalifa / City Center area thus amounts to around € 15 (62.50 AED).

The usual transfers in the area of ​​the center last 15 minutes while the charge is the same, at 15 € (62.50 AED).

  • Be sure to wear a seat belt when boarding taxis! The speeds are high and the accidents are many ..
    The minimum tariff is 12 AED!
  • Before each taxi ride, load the route from the Taxi fare Finder page to find out the cost (deviation 4-7 AED, due to traffic). If you see an amount higher than what is stated, know that it made you circles. Do not accept to pay it!
  • Taxis are countless and you will find them on every street, outside of hotels, commercially and generally Everywhere!
  • Prefer taxis with a red roof. They are government taxis and there is no way they will charge you extra or circle you. In case of complaint they lose the taxi.
  • You can pay for the taxi by credit card (surcharge of 2 AED) and Nol card (surcharge of 1 AED).
    The taxis stop even on a turn to take a race ..!

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