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Ibiza Airport in Spain

Ibiza Airport is a Spanish airport and locates 4 miles from the center of Ibiza. Its coordinates are 38° 52′ 22″ N, 1° 22′ 23″ E and it is located at a height of 6 meters above sea level. Ibiza airport has a runway of 2800 meters with 06/24 orientation.

Climatologically speaking, it is above the minimum operating in Category I, visibility above 800 m and height of the cloud base exceeding 60 m, 99,96 % of the times. Ibiza airport is characterized by its seasonality and its highly touristic character. It also maintains a very important regular interisland and peninsular traffic, with trips concentrated in management or business poles such as Barcelona, Madrid-Barajas and Palma de Mallorca and with constant characteristics in its distribution throughout the year.

Ibiza airport has:


  • A parking area with 502 spaces.
  • One building, with 5 car rental companies.
  • 2 bus platforms, with 20 bus capacity for each platform in the arrival area, plus a platform in the departure area with capacity for 8 buses.
  • Taxi stop and regular bus line that connects the airport to Sant Jordi – Ibiza – Puerto.

Inside terminal:

  • On the ground floor: 7 car rental companies, 2 of them outside the car rental parking building.
  • 1 tour desk.
  • 2 bars, one in the arrivals area and one in the departure area.
  • A shop selling souvenirs and various items.
  • 1 Pharmacy and pharmacy
  • 1 bookstore

On the first floor:

  • bars/restaurants
  • music shop,
  • clothes shops,
  • 2 tax-free shops (The Shop and The Express Shop).

Ibiza Airport Master Plan

Flight Field

The main actions foreseen in the Ibiza Airport Master Plan consist of the construction of two new rapid exit lanes for air operations at each of the headwaters; the adaptation of the parallel taxiway as an emergency runway and the enlargement of the commercial and general aviation apron. Also planned is the construction of a new general aviation terminal and a heliport, the extension of the passenger terminal building and car park and the improvement and extension of the cargo terminal facilities.

– Fitting out of the taxiway as a contingency runway. – Regularisation of the current runway strip. – Regularisation of the contingency runway strip and displacement of obstacles (regulator chamber, VOR). – Moving ILS cabin outside RESA (runway end safety area) and replacement of non-frangible structures.


Unification and extension of General Aviation aprons.

Passenger area

– Surface car park for the storage of rental vehicles (827 spaces) – Surface car park for crane storage (64 spaces) – Extension of the taxi depot (20 spaces) – Replacement of roads to adjoining plots – Extension of the airport access road and interior accesses.

An underground car park is also planned, in front of the airport, where the public car park is currently located.

Aircraft support area

– Hangar and associated car park.

Service area

– Construction of a new SEI (Fire Extinguishing Service) in the same location as the current one. – Fire test platform. – Modification of the perimeter road layout and relocation of the perimeter fencing.

General aviation area

– Aircraft parking.

Supply area

– Relocation of water and butane installations. – New fuel tank.

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