Faro Airport Taxi

Faro Airport Taxi

As you plan your upcoming trip to the Algarve region of Portugal, reliable transportation to and from Faro Airport should be a top priority. Choosing a reputable Faro airport taxi service can alleviate stress and ensure a smooth start and finish to your travels. With some advanced research and preparation regarding Faro airport transportation options, you can avoid potential pitfalls and headaches. This article provides an in-depth overview of Faro airport taxi services, equipping you with information to secure a safe, timely, and cost-effective ride to or from your flight. Topics covered include comparing pricing structures, booking recommendations, vehicle options, and insider tips for navigating Faro Airport efficiently. Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to optimize your airport transfer experience in the Algarve region.

Overview of Faro Airport Taxi Services

Transportation Options

Faro Airport offers passengers several options for transportation to and from the airport, including taxi, bus, and shuttle services. Taxis provide the most direct transport to your destination. Faro Airport Taxi Services operates the taxi stand located just outside the airport terminal exit.

Convenience and Reliability

Taxis provide an efficient, door-to-door service that gets you to your destination promptly. The taxi service runs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so you can catch a taxi anytime, day or night. The taxis are metered, charging a fixed initial fare plus a per-kilometer rate, so you know exactly what the fare will be to your destination before getting into the taxi.

Faro Airport Taxi Vehicle Options

Faro Airport Taxi Services operates a fleet of spacious vehicles to suit your needs. Standard taxis seat up to 4 passengers. For larger groups, taxis that seat up to 7 or 8 passengers are available. Some taxis offer additional space for luggage. The taxi fleet is modern, well-maintained, and air-conditioned for your comfort, especially in the hot summer months.

Booking in Advance (Optional)

While taxis are readily available for hire at the airport taxi stand, you can book and reserve a taxi in advance of your trip through the Faro Airport Taxi Services website or mobile app for added peace of mind. Provide details about your flight arrival time and destination address when booking to ensure a taxi will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the airport. Pre-booking a taxi is especially recommended for early morning or late-night airport pickups.

In summary, Faro Airport Taxi Services offer a professional, prompt, and comfortable transport option for arriving in and departing from Faro. Taxis are available on-demand or can be pre-booked for added convenience when traveling to or from the airport.

How to Book a Taxi From Faro Airport


To ensure a taxi is available for pickup upon your arrival at Faro Airport, it is highly recommended to pre-book at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. You can book taxi transfers on the airport’s official website, or through reputable private faro airport taxi companies that service the airport, such as Yellow Fish Transfers and HolidayTaxis. Provide details about your flight number, arrival time and contact information. Pre-booking allows the taxi company to monitor your flight status and ensures a taxi is ready and waiting for you at the designated pickup area outside the terminal upon your arrival.

Booking on Arrival

If you have not pre-booked, you can book a taxi upon arrival at Faro Airport. Exit the terminal and look for the taxi information and booking desk, which is located just outside the terminal exits. Here you can book a taxi and pay the fare in advance. The booking desk staff will direct you to the taxi waiting area where your booked taxi will be waiting. Only book taxis from the official booking desk. Do not accept rides from unauthorized individuals to avoid unsafe situations.

Fares and Payment

Taxis at Faro Airport charge by distance. Fares start around €30 for transfers to nearby destinations such as Faro city center, and increase to over €100 for transfers to resort areas like Quarteira or Vilamoura. Fares are charged per taxi, not per passenger, so sharing a taxi with fellow travelers is a good way to save money. Taxis accept major credit and debit cards as well as cash in euros. It is best to ask the fare in advance and ensure the taxi meter is engaged to avoid disputes over charges. With the proper planning and booking, taxi transfers from Faro Airport can be safe, convenient and affordable.

Faro Airport Taxi Rates, Options & Tips

Taxi Fares

Faro Airport taxis charge a fixed rate for trips to and from the airport. The fare depends on your destination in the Algarve region. The approximate rates are:

  • Faro city center: €10-15
  • Albufeira: €35-40
  • Vilamoura: €20-25
  • Praia da Rocha: €25-30

The rates are posted on the taxi stands at the airport. The taxis accept cash as well as major credit cards. Tipping the driver around 10% of the fare is customary.

Taxi Options

Two types of taxis operate from Faro Airport: regular taxis and airport transfer services. Regular taxis queue up at the designated taxi stands outside the airport terminals and charge the standard metered fares. Airport transfer services offer minivans that seat up to 8 passengers and may charge a flat fee for destinations frequently visited by tourists. These services can be booked in advance on the company’s website or mobile app for added convenience.

Useful Tips

  • Only use the licensed taxis from the official taxi stands. Avoid unlicensed taxis soliciting passengers illegally.
  • Ask for an estimate of the fare to your destination before getting into the taxi. Ensure the meter is reset when you start your trip.
  • Traveling in a group? An airport transfer minivan may be more budget-friendly than multiple taxis. But for shorter trips, taxis could still work out cheaper.
  • During peak season, long queues may form at the taxi stands. Allow at least 30-45 minutes after landing to get through immigration and baggage claim.
  • Keep the taxi company’s details or take a photo of the driver’s ID and taxi information in case of issues.
  • Most taxi drivers speak English, but it is still a good idea to have your destination address written down to avoid confusion.

Using the official Faro Airport taxis and transfer services will ensure a safe and convenient start to your Algarve holiday. With some advance planning, the taxi services can also prove to be an affordable transfer option compared to renting a car.


As we wrap up this article, it’s clear that Faro airport taxi services offer travelers a convenient and reliable option for airport transfers in the Algarve region. With a range of vehicles to choose from and fixed pricing that removes the stress of haggling, using an official Faro taxi can make airport transfers quick and easy. Just be sure to book in advance, confirm your booking details, and look for your driver upon arrival. With some savvy planning, Faro airport taxis allow you to start your Algarve vacation off right by providing a seamless ride from the airport to your destination. Now that you’re armed with all the essential information, all that’s left is to arrange your airport taxi and get ready for a memorable trip to this beautiful coastal region of Portugal.

The cab rank at Faro International Airport is located next to the arrivals terminal of the airport.

Cabs are normally beige-ivory in color, although some black vehicles with green hoods, the traditional colors of cabs in Portugal, are still in circulation.

The fare is indicated on the taximeter and fares are displayed inside the car or can be requested from the driver.

The transport of cradles, baby strollers and wheelchairs or auxiliary means of locomotion is free of charge.

Tipping the cab driver is voluntary, and a tip of approximately 5-10% or rounding of the amount payable is customary.

All services performed without the use of the luggage compartment have a discount of 1,50€.

How much does a cab to and from Faro and Albufeira cost?

A cab ride to Faro costs at least 15 €, while to Albufeira you can go for about 60 €. Many travelers who wish to go to Albufeira, choose to take a cab instead of the bus. A cab ride to Albufeira takes a little over half an hour and the price per person is not high.


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