Paris Airport Taxi

Paris Airport Taxi

All About Paris Airport Taxis: A Guide for Travelers

Paris Airport Taxi
Paris Airport Taxi

As you arrive at one of Paris’s airports after your long journey, the prospect of navigating a complex public transit system to reach your hotel can be daunting. Fortunately, airport taxis offer a convenient, affordable, and safe option to transport you from the airport to your accommodation. With this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about booking, finding, and riding in a Paris airport taxi, including essential information on pricing, safety, and navigating potential language barriers with your driver. In 100 words, this article provides key advice to set you up for a smooth airport transfer so you can focus on enjoying the sights and delights of Paris.

Getting to and From Paris Airports by Taxi

Upon arriving at either Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) or Paris-Orly (ORY) airport, taxis are a convenient way to reach your final destination within the city. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth experience.

When you exit the baggage claim area, follow signs for the taxi stands which are located just outside the arrival terminals. There, you will find Paris taxis, also known as taxis parisiens, lined up and ready to take you into the city. The fare into central Paris is a flat rate of €50-€60 from CDG and €30-€40 from ORY. Be sure to check with your driver to confirm the flat fare before departing as fares are subject to change.

Only get into taxis from the official taxi stands. Do not accept rides from unauthorized individuals within the airport as it could be unsafe. Licensed taxis will have a “taxi” sign on top, meters in the vehicle, and the driver’s ID clearly displayed.

Once you have gotten into an official taxi, the driver will activate the meter to track your fare. The fare is calculated based on the time and distance traveled. In addition to the flat fare, you will be charged standard rates if you go beyond the city center. It is customary to tip taxi drivers around 15% for good service. You can pay by either cash or card, with most taxis accepting major credit cards.

When traveling to the airports, schedule your taxi in advance through your hotel concierge or a taxi company like G7, Taxis Bleus or Alpha Taxis. Provide your scheduled flight departure time and the dispatcher will arrange a taxi to pick you up with enough time to check in for your flight. Look for a taxi with your name or flight information on a signboard. And remember, traffic can be heavy going to the airports, so always give yourself plenty of time.

With some advance planning, taxis can be a convenient and comfortable way to start and end your Paris trip. Following these tips will help ensure a smooth transfer to and from the airports. Bon voyage!

Booking a Paris Airport Taxi in Advance

When traveling to Paris, booking an paris airport taxi in advance is highly recommended. This will ensure your transportation to and from Charles de Gaulle (CDG) or Orly (ORY) airports is arranged ahead of time.

Reserve Online

The easiest way to book a Paris airport taxi is through the company’s official website. Companies such as Paris Airport Shuttle, Paris Shuttle, and Blacklane offer online reservations for airport transfers. You will need to provide details about your flight number, arrival and departure terminals, number of passengers, and any extra luggage requirements. The company will then dispatch a taxi to meet you at the airport upon your arrival in Paris.

Compare Paris Airport Taxi Rates

Fees for Paris airport taxis can vary between companies, so it is a good idea to compare rates. Standard fares usually range from €50 to €70, depending on the vehicle type. Luxury vehicles such as Mercedes sedans and minivans for larger groups will be on the higher end of that range. Some companies also offer discounted roundtrip fares if you book your departure transfer at the same time as your arrival.

Confirm Details

Once you have booked and paid for your airport taxi in advance, be sure to double check all details including the company’s meet and greet procedures. Many will have a driver waiting for you at the airport exit with a sign displaying your name. However, some may require you to call them upon arrival or meet the driver at a designated pickup zone. Reconfirm with the company the terminal and gate where you should meet the driver.

Taking these steps to arrange your Paris airport taxi in advance will help ensure a smooth start and end to your trip. You can disembark your flight with the peace of mind that your transportation into central Paris and back to the airport is organized and ready to take you to your final destination. No more standing in long taxi queues or worrying how you will get into the city – your pre-booked airport transfer will be waiting for you.

Hailing a Paris Airport Taxi at the Airport

To hire an airport taxi in Paris, there are a few options available once you arrive at the airport. The two main Paris airports are Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Paris-Orly (ORY). At either airport, you can hire an airport taxi from a taxi stand outside the arrivals terminal.

Taxi Stands

The taxi stands, or taxi queues, will have multiple taxis lined up and waiting outside each terminal’s arrivals exit. Walk up to the first available taxi and tell the driver your destination. The fare into central Paris will be a flat rate, currently around €50-€70 from CDG and €30-€50 from Orly. The taxis at the stands are regulated, so you can expect a reasonable fare.

Booking in Advance

For a taxi pick-up in advance, you can book through several private hire companies that offer airport transfers, including Paris Airport Shuttle, Paris Shuttle, and Blacklane. Book at least 24 to 48 hours ahead for the best rates. The taxis will meet you in the arrivals hall with your name on a sign. Pre-booking ensures a smooth pick-up and fare transparency before leaving home.

Fares and Tipping

All Paris taxis charge by the meter, with a small extra fee for luggage and the time of day (nights and weekends slightly higher). It is customary to tip taxi drivers around 10% of the total fare. Most taxi drivers will only accept cash, so be sure to exchange currency or withdraw Euros from an ATM before leaving the airport.

Taking a taxi from the Paris airports is a quick, comfortable way to get into the city center. By booking in advance or using the taxi stands, you can get where you need to go without hassle. Enjoy your trip to the romantic City of Light!

Cost and Payment Options for Paris Airport Taxis

When arriving at the Paris airports, you have several options for getting into the city center. One of the most convenient methods is taking an airport taxi. However, the fares for Paris airport taxis can vary depending on the time of day and your destination within the city.

Fare Estimates

The fare for a Paris airport taxi ride into central Paris is typically around €50-€70 during off-peak daytime hours for up to four passengers with standard sized luggage. Expect to pay slightly more, around €65-€85, during evening hours after 8 pm and on weekends or holidays. The fare will also be higher if there is significant traffic congestion along your route. The final fare is calculated based on the actual distance traveled according to the taxi meter.

Payment Methods

Paris airport taxis accept several common payment methods for your convenience:

Cash: Euro banknotes and coins are accepted. Be sure to have adequate small bills and change with you.

Credit/Debit Cards: Most Paris airport taxis take major credit and debit cards with chip and PIN or swipe technology. American Express, Mastercard, and Visa are commonly accepted.

-Taxi vouchers: Some hotels and travel services sell prepaid taxi vouchers for rides to/from the Paris airports. Vouchers guarantee a fixed fare and can save time paying the driver. However, vouchers may cost slightly more than paying by meter.

-Mobile payments: Certain taxi companies now accept mobile payments through apps like Uber, Lyft, and local taxi apps. Fares and wait times can vary depending on demand.

-Tipped fares: It is customary to tip taxi drivers in Paris around 10% of the total fare in cash. Tips are always appreciated for good service.

By understanding the potential costs and having a payment method prepared in advance, taking a taxi from the Paris airports can be a quick and efficient way to begin your trip in the City of Light. The fixed fare and door-to-door service provide welcome convenience after a long flight. Allez-y and enjoy your journey!

Tips for Riding in a Paris Airport Taxi

When taking a taxi from one of the Paris airports, there are a few tips to keep in mind for a smooth experience.

First, locate the taxi stand outside the airport terminal. The taxis will be lined up and ready to transport passengers into Paris. Look for a taxi with a “Taxi Parisien” sign on top. These are the officially licensed taxis permitted to pick up fares at the airports.

Second, have cash on hand to pay the fare and tip. The taxis accept cash payments in euros only. The fare into central Paris is a fixed price based on zones, ranging from €50 to €70. Expect to pay tolls and a €1 fee for each piece of luggage. It is customary to tip 10-15% for good service.

Third, let the taxi dispatcher know your destination to ensure the driver enters it into the meter to calculate the proper fare. State your destination clearly and confirm the fixed fare to your location. The meter will start once you enter the vehicle.

Fourth, sit back and enjoy the drive into Paris! The taxi will get you to your destination the quickest way possible. Soak in your first views of the City of Light as you make your way into the heart of Paris. The taxi can drop you off directly at your hotel or residence.

Finally, be aware that traffic and congestion charges may increase the fare slightly, especially if traveling during busy times. But in general, a taxi from the airport into central Paris should cost between €50 to €70 and take around 45 minutes to an hour with normal traffic conditions.

By following these simple tips, your airport taxi experience in Paris can be hassle-free. Enjoy your time exploring the magical city! Let the adventure begin.


As you make your way through Paris, consider using one of the many reputable taxi companies operating out of the airports. Whether you book in advance or hail one on arrival, be sure the vehicle and driver credentials are properly displayed. Metered rates should assure fair pricing regardless of your destination, but don’t hesitate to confirm upfront. Enjoy the iconic sights of the City of Light from the convenience of an airport taxi, and arrive relaxed and ready for your Parisian adventures.

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